SD Business Advisor’s Mitch McGinley Transforms Boutique Hotels And Fitness Studios For Profit

Jared W. Johnson Podcast

In this episode, host Jared Johnson welcomes Mitch McGinley from SD Business Advisors. The two discuss how Mitch got into a niche market of the business brokerage field: fitness studios.

Mitch McGinley started his career in the hotel industry but got tired of being yelled at. While still managing hotels, Mitch started night school to get his MBA in accounting. This opened his eyes to a realization: managers don’t make money, owners do. 

So, Mitch talked with his General Manager about how he wished to become a hotel owner. His GM, who had become a mentor at this point, connected him with John Pani. John Pani had gone out on his own and was buying and selling boutique hotels. Mitch found this to be an exciting opportunity and began working with John as his only employee. They operated two hotels; and Mitch elevated one to become the number one ranked hotel in San Diego on

But being the only employee got tiresome; the hours were long and Mitch’s cell phone number was taped to the front door. Mitch and his wife had a dream to own a yoga studio and they finally had the confidence to pursue it when they were approached by the owner of their favorite studio. Mitch took advantage of the offer and was able to make a six-figure profit from the sale in their third year. This experience would lead him down the path of business brokerage in a niche market.

Not long after the sale, Mitch was then offered a job with two young, professional, and humble leaders. Having gone through the buying and selling process himself, Mitch is able to have a deep understanding of his clients, helping him build a reputation in the yoga and fitness studio market.

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