Business Acquisitions

The large majority of people don’t know you can buy or sell a business and even more don’t know that on most occasions you can utilize SBA financing and put as little as 10% down. 

When mentioning “Mergers and Acquisitions or Business Acquisitions” the large majority of the population either doesn’t know what it means or thinks of a huge company buying their competition.  What most people don’t realize is that the amount of mergers and acquisitions that take place in the small business sector is much greater.  This can be an outstanding opportunity for someone to sell their existing business and for someone to acquire a business rather than starting a new one.

Businesses are often sold by Business Brokers, who are trained and experienced in selling businesses.  The broker will typically list the business for sale on the open market in search of a buyer.  The broker will review the seller’s financials and tax returns and determine a value based off the amount of income the buyer will obtain by acquiring the business.  

When a buyer and seller agree on the purchase they will put together an agreement to buy the business.  They will follow the terms of the agreement to finalize the acquisition and transfer ownership.  

There are many different types of acquisitions and several ways to acquire a business.  I am here to help you navigate the best way to sell or buy a business and happy to discuss the many options. 


Jared W. Johnson

Jared  is one of the highest producing SBA Business Development Officers in the country. Recognized by Coleman Publishing as the BDO of the year! He is a business investor, industry expert, and a highly sought after business acquisition financing trainer. Jared is the host of Before You Buy or Sell a Business Podcast.