Jesse Carlson’s Journey to Buying a “Recession-Proof Business”

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Buying a business is a significant decision that requires careful consideration and thorough research. In this article, we will explore the journey of Jesse Carlson, who successfully purchased a FedEx business. We will delve into his background, the process of finding the right business, the challenges he faced during the transaction, and his experiences as a business owner.

Finding the Right Business

Jesse Carlson embarked on a journey to find the perfect business to buy. He researched various industries and considered recession-proof businesses. After extensive research and guidance from mentors, he decided to explore the FedEx business opportunity. The stability and potential for growth in the logistics industry appealed to him.

The Challenges of Due Diligence

Once Jesse found a listing for a FedEx business, he began the due diligence process. He inspected the trucks and reviewed financials to ensure the business’s viability. Jesse’s background in lending and real estate helped him navigate this process effectively. However, he faced challenges with lenders and had to switch to a more reliable lender to secure financing.

The Importance of Mentors and Support

Throughout the journey, Jesse relied on the guidance and support of mentors, including his stepfather and his wife. Their expertise and encouragement provided him with valuable insights and motivation. Having a strong support network is crucial when venturing into a new business.

Taking Over the Business

After the successful acquisition, Jesse took over the FedEx business. He quickly realized that the logistics industry is complex and requires meticulous attention to detail. Jesse’s commitment to learning and adapting helped him navigate the challenges of managing drivers, maintaining trucks, and ensuring compliance with FedEx regulations.

The Rewards of Business Ownership

Despite the challenges, Jesse finds fulfillment in owning a business. He enjoys building relationships with his drivers and ensuring their well-being. The ability to provide for his family and have control over his time are significant rewards of business ownership.


Jesse Carlson’s journey to buying a FedEx business highlights the importance of thorough research, a strong support network, and continuous learning. His experience serves as a valuable lesson for aspiring business owners. By carefully considering the right business, seeking guidance from mentors, and embracing the challenges of ownership, success can be achieved in the world of entrepreneurship.


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