Prioritizing Quality Over Cost, Restaurant Entrepreneurship with Jeff Solomon

Jared W. Johnson Podcast

Jeff Solomon, a successful entrepreneur who has acquired multiple businesses, shares his journey into restaurant entrepreneurship, the importance of prioritizing quality over cost, and offers advice for potential buyers.


In this episode of the Before You Buy or Sell a Business Podcast, host Jared Johnson interviews Jeff Solomon on his experience from running casinos to sushi restaurants. Solomon emphasizes the importance of thoroughly researching the industry and the specific business they are interested in and building a strong team of advisors. He stresses the importance of learning from past experiences and taking calculated risks in entrepreneurship.


Having worked on a deal together, Jared and Jeff discuss the experience of negotiating with the seller of Jeff’s first restaurant business, who was initially stubborn about the purchase price. Jeff highlights the importance of due diligence when acquiring a business and recommends focusing on labor, marketing, overhead, and revenue numbers. Solomon and his team use a software program to track food costs and adjust prices accordingly. He advises buyers to look beyond the financial statements and dig deep into the business to uncover potential issues.

Jeff Solomon’s Advice

Solomon stresses the importance of keeping a close eye on costs and finding ways to take out expenses that are not adding value. He suggests that taking calculated risks and constantly examining costs can lead to success in entrepreneurship. Solomon also believes that driving enough revenue can cure most issues in a business.

In addition, Solomon discusses the importance of customer experience and quality in his restaurants. When it comes to restaurant entrepreneurship, Solomon does not sacrifice quality for short-term cash flow and believes that fixing issues now will save money in the long run. He advises buyers to look for brokers who are honest and have high standards.

Solomon’s experience as an entrepreneur highlights the importance of research, due diligence, and calculated risk-taking in the world of entrepreneurship. He stresses the importance of keeping a close eye on costs, finding ways to add value, and prioritizing customer experience and quality.

Not only does Solomon emphasize the need to stay up-to-date with industry trends but also the ability to be open to new opportunities for growth. Furthermore, he suggests that potential buyers consider involving friends and family as investors, but cautions that it can be more complicated without these connections.

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