Expert In Multi-Skilled Maintenance Management Acquires Diverse Business

Jared W. Johnson Podcast

In this episode of the “Before You Buy or Sell a Business” podcast, host Jared Johnson talks with small business owner Michael Johnson; the two have no immediate family relation.

Michael Johnson was a multi-skilled maintenance and integrated facility services worker for fifteen years. During that time, he worked his way up to a management position, helping to design and construct vinyl windows for a window extrusion company. Michael then decided to pursue a college education and earned an engineering degree. A conversation with Michael’s boss during an annual review eventually led him to make the decision to buy a business in the same industry.

When it comes to management, Michael has a philosophy of: seek first to understand, then to be understood. With Michael’s previous experience, he looked for a business to acquire that was connected to his management skills. Ultimately, Michael’s wealth of experience and knowledge helped him navigate the process of taking over a new business.

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