Are There Really 42 Steps To Buying a Business?!

Jared W. Johnson Podcast

There are 42 steps to buying a business, let’s talk about it

While attending the Texas Association of Business Brokers conference Jared sits down with Josh Levine who is the Co-Founder and CEO of Private Market Labs. Jared and Josh discuss a lot of different subjects surrounding business acquisitions and the process. Josh shares what Private Market Labs is all about

and what he’s been working on. Together, they identify the challenges that come with buying a business and what they feel needs to be changed. The topic of search funds comes up many times and

Josh covers how Private Market Labs is helping them.

Josh provides some great information about the full industry and goes into detail about his own challenges with building his business.

Josh Levine can be reached at and is very active on Twitter: @levinejm

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